Jack Mullins 
Jack Mullins and band.


Peter Booras - drums
Emilio Crixell - bass
Lisa Kelly - vocals
Roger Powell - keyboards
Rhode Roberts - sax
Steve French - pedal steel guitar

Jack Mullins is a New York born and raised singer songwriter who moved to the Bay Area in September 2001 (before the fateful 11th), in part, to find a more receptive audience for his music.

"By the time I had decided to come out to California, I had been playing bars and clubs in the New York/New Jersey area for a while, and I was realizing that there was little response to my type of music. I loved the Bay Area since I first visited, and when it was time to change I knew exactly where to go. I've been fortunate enough to play with some very talented musicians out here, and I've been able to start work on a CD. Plus, it's the perfect surroundings to keep me inspired and creative."

Jack started playing guitar in 1988 and began writing about two years later. "I never saw it coming", says Jack. "I just wanted to learn a few Elvis songs and play in my backyard with friends for fun. Back then, I never dreamed I'd be where I am now. Picking up that guitar was the best decision I've ever made in my life."

Besides Elvis Presley, Jack has been influenced by a variety of artists. Perhaps one of the more obvious ones would be Neil Young, as well as Gordon Lightfoot and Bruce Cockburn. But he adds, "Of course, I went through phases early on where I wanted to be Page or Jorma or Hendrix like I think most guitarists do."

Tales Of Reality
1. Leave Yesterday Behind
2. Move On
3. Great Divide
4. Lightning
5. Falling On The Run
6. Angels Cry
7. Moonlight
8. Colorado
9. Tug Of War
10. Lifestyle
11. Song For Someone
12. Something Different
13. Still Tomorrow Comes
14. Used To Be 
Notes: Roger Powell plays keyboards on this CD.
$13 (CD)