Kasim Sulton

Todd Rundgren/Utopia fans know Kasim Sulton for his bass, guitar, piano, and singing skills on albums from "Ra" through "Redux '92: Live In Japan." He has been very busy since those days. Somewhat overlapping the latter Utopia years and continuing into the present, Kasim has played on albums and/or toured with Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, The Indigo Girls, Patti Smith, and Hall & Oates, as well as extensive work with Joan Jett and Meat Loaf. Kasim continues to be involved in nearly all of Todd Rundgren's projects.

All Sides

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This Side
1. Someone To Love
2. Lights On
3. Rather Be Blind
4. Give Him Up
5. Drivin' Me Mad
6. Sacrifice
7. All The Right Reasons
8. Heaven's Girl
9. The One Sure Thing
10. Don't Break My Heart
11. Oh No
12. In The Name Of Love
13. Over For Now
14. Sweet Little Accident
15. My Year
16. Goodbye

That Side
1. Are You Happy Now?
2. Yellow Cab
3. Minutes Slipping Past
4. I Wanna Be What I Am
5. Sometimes Love Is A Dangerous Thing
6. Liar
7. Love Is Blind
8. Sweet Little Accident (Demo Version)
9. Drivin' Me Mad (Demo Version)
10. Don't Break My Heart (Demo Version)
11. Love Alone

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Quid Pro Quo (2nd Edition)
1. Sacrifice
2. Before She Was Gone
3. The One Sure Thing
4. We The People
5. Where Is My Soul
6. Heaven Help The Child
7. Over For Now
8. Don't Hold Me Back
9. Remember
10. Goodbye
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The Basement Tapes
1. Rather Be Blind 
2. This Must Be Love 
3. Don't Hold Me Back 
4. Woman 
5. Rock & Roll Ricochet 
6. Prove It 
7. In The Name Of Love 
8. Give Him Up
9. My Year 
10. Mixed Signals 
11. All The Right Reasons
Notes: Many of these songs have previously only been available to members of the Utopia fan club. Although the word "tapes" is part of the title, this is a CD.