Stewkey Antoni was the lead vocalist and keyboard player for the Philadelphia-based 60's band Nazz. Later, Stewkey was in the bands "Fuse" and "Sick Man Of Europe," with Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick. He is now writing, recording, and performing again! As evidenced by the "Hello It's Crazy Me" release, Stewkey has a lot of music ready to deliver!

Hello It's Crazy Me - Special Edition

Stewkey & Co. have a few surprises on this one. Besides having more great audio tracks than "Hello It's Crazy Me," the special edition has a video, pictures and more.
$15 (enhanced CD)

Nazztopia - A Live Performance After All These Years
Disc One:
1. Lady Face - Freak Parade
2. The Ikon - Freak Parade
3. Freak Parade - Freak Parade
4. Dust In The Wind - Freak Parade
5. Crying In The Sunshine - Freak Parade
6. I Saw The Light - Freak Parade
7. Never Never Land - Freak Parade
8. Never Never Land (WAT Version) - Freak Parade
9. Under The Ice - Nazztopia (Stewkey And Freak Parade)
10. Open My Eyes - Nazztopia

Disc Two:
1. Hello It's Me - Nazztopia
2. Wildwood Blues - Nazztopia
3. Bang The Drum All Day - Nazztopia
4. (You Gotta Have) Friends - Nazztopia And Godfrey Townsend
5. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Godfrey Townsend
6. Bell Bottom Blues - Godfrey Townsend
7. My Generation - Godfrey Townsend And Freak Parade
8. Sunshine Of Your Love - Godfrey Townsend And Freak Parade
9. Utopia Theme - Freak Parade

Bonus Material:
1. Kiddie Boy - Stewkey And Freak Parade
2. Train Kept A Rollin' - Stewkey And Freak Parade

Essential information about the DVD-R:
* this video was taken with a top quality hand-held video camera 
  (but not professionally shot!)
* comes with beautiful artwork (created by Mark "Smeeg" Griffiths) in a CD jewel box
* stereo sound
* region free coding
* this is not a bootleg - all artists have given permission for this release

Notes: A very special event occurred at the Triad Theater in NYC on October 2nd of 2002. A historic reunion took place of former Todd Rundgren band members, including Moogy Klingman's Freak Parade (with original Utopia drummer Kevin Ellman) and Stewkey, lead singer of the Nazz. Special guest Godfrey Townsend (lead guitarist/vocalist of the Who's John Entwhistle Band) joined in for the fun. He has spent the last few summers touring with Todd Rundgren in the Beatles tribute band, "A Walk Down Abbey Road." These great artists came together to celebrate their association with Todd and the wonderful music that their fans cherish.
$20 (2 DVD)