John Ferenzik played on Todd Rundgren's "The Individualist" and "With A Twist" albums, as well as playing keyboards, guitar, and singing on both tours. John has also played with Jesse Gress (Todd Rundgren/Guitar Player Magazine), Jefferson Starship, Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Dave LaRue (Steve Morse Band/Dixie Dregs), Van Romaine (Steve Morse Band) and Andy Timmons, to name just a few. Extremely diverse in style, he plays pop, rock, jazz fusion, funk, and everything in between. John Ferenzik has four outstanding solo CDs to his credit, including the recently-released "Zero Points For Zeus."

Ferenzik will be a member of Todd's Liars tour lineup!

House Of Boris

It's here . . .


The new exciting and very spiffy CD from the HOUSE OF FERENZIK.

Featuring stunning guest performances from Jesse Gress, Prairie Prince,  Van Romaine, Mike Keneally, and Chico Huff.

Plus - musical stunts, sonic hijinks, and probably too much guitar. AS IF THERE IS EVER SUCH A THING AS TOO MUCH GUITAR!

$13 (CD)

Zero Points For Zeus
$13 (CD)
Wheel Of Nesh
$13 (CD)
Devil's Playground

Multi-instrumentalist Ferenzik is back with 1995's "Devil's Playground," a quick excursion through the underworld featuring more weird and wonderful fusion. Assisting the able Ferenzik on guitar this time are the flamboyant Jesse Gress (Todd Rundgren) and a guest solo from the great Texas guitarist Andy Timmons on "Annalee's Island." The emphasis on "Devil's Playground" is on energy, movement and melody. From the tres funky opener, "Big Numbers," to the lovely "Annalee's Island," to the swinging, odd "Eight Ball," this set of tunes will keep you riveted to your CD player as you try in vain to predict what might come next.
$13 (CD)
Wild Man Of Borneo
"Wild Man Of Borneo" features the instrumental fusion of Ferenzik, with some additional guitar work contributed by Jesse Gress. Ferenzik, a multi-instrumentalist who has toured/played with Todd Rundgren, Jefferson Starship and Dave LaRue, among others, has a great command of the fusion idiom, and pushes each composition into the stratosphere with explosive, improvised solo sections that are allowed to develop. As an added bonus, "Wild Man Of Borneo" even includes a Frank Gambale guitar solo on the song "Tropic Of Cancer," and a Mark Rubin solo on "Tom Swift." If you're a newcomer to the Ferenzik sound, check out this classic 1990 release.

$13 (CD)