Nazztopia - A Live Performance After All These Years 2 DVD-R
Disc One:
1. Lady Face - Freak Parade
2. The Ikon - Freak Parade
3. Freak Parade - Freak Parade
4. Dust In The Wind - Freak Parade
5. Crying In The Sunshine - Freak Parade
6. I Saw The Light - Freak Parade
7. Never Never Land - Freak Parade
8. Never Never Land (WAT Version) - Freak Parade
9. Under The Ice - Nazztopia (Stewkey And Freak Parade)
10. Open My Eyes - Nazztopia

Disc Two:
1. Hello It's Me - Nazztopia
2. Wildwood Blues - Nazztopia
3. Bang The Drum All Day - Nazztopia
4. (You Gotta Have) Friends - Nazztopia And Godfrey Townsend
5. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Godfrey Townsend
6. Bell Bottom Blues - Godfrey Townsend
7. My Generation - Godfrey Townsend And Freak Parade
8. Sunshine Of Your Love - Godfrey Townsend And Freak Parade
9. Utopia Theme - Freak Parade

Bonus Material:
1. Kiddie Boy - Stewkey And Freak Parade
2. Train Kept A Rollin' - Stewkey And Freak Parade

Essential information about the DVD-R:
* this video was taken with a top quality hand-held video camera 
  (but not professionally shot!)
* stereo sound
* region free coding
* this is not a bootleg - all artists have given permission for this release

Notes: A very special event occurred at the Triad Theater in NYC on October 2nd of 2002. A historic reunion took place of former Todd Rundgren band members, including Moogy Klingman's Freak Parade (with original Utopia drummer Kevin Ellman) and Stewkey, lead singer of the Nazz. Special guest Godfrey Townsend (lead guitarist/vocalist of the Who's John Entwhistle Band) joined in for the fun. He has spent the last few summers touring with Todd Rundgren in the Beatles tribute band, "A Walk Down Abbey Road." These great artists came together to celebrate their association with Todd and the wonderful music that their fans cherish.
$20 (2 DVD) (inserts no longer available - double jewel case and DVDs only)
Nazz Vs. Toddzila
1. I t's Not That Easy (No Strings And Todd's Vocals) 
2. Take The Hand (No Harmonies Or Strings, Different Mix, Todd's Vocals) 
3. How Can You Call That Beautiful (Slightly Different Lyrics, Todd's Vocals)
4. How Can You Call That Beautiful (Different Mix/Lyrics, Longer, Todd's Vocals) 
5. Only One Winner (Todd's Vocals)
6. Letters Don't Count (Different Mix, Todd's Vocals)
7. Resolution (Todd's Vocals) 
8. No Title (Todd Working On A Song With His Guitar) 
9. No Title ("You Are My Window," First Rough Cut Piano)
10. Kiddie Boy (No Horns, Demo Version, Different Mix, Todd's Vocals) 
11. You Are My Window (Todd And The Piano)
12. Hello It's Crazy Me (Stewkey's New Version Of "Hello It's Me" 2001) 

Enhanced Part:
Slide Show With Over 100 Rare Nazz Photos/Articles/Posters/Promos
Two Videos:
Not Wrong Long
Open My Eyes

Click here to download a low quality mp3 sampler containing five audio clips from the CD!
$40 (CD)
Todd Sings - Unreleased Nazz Recordings
1. It's Not That Easy (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
2. Take The Hand (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
3. How Can You Call That Beautiful - Take One - (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
4. How Can You Call That Beautiful - Take Two - (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
5. Forget All About It (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
6. Only One Winner (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
7. Letters Don't Count (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
8. Resolution (Todd Rundgren's Vocal Version)
9. Todd's Lament - Part One - (Unreleased Demo)
10. Todd's Lament - Part Two - (Unreleased Demo)

Bonus Tracks:
11. See What You Can Be (Audition Tape Demo)
12. Magic Me (Audition Tape Demo)
13. Nazz Are Blue (Live Version)
14. How Can You Call That Beautiful (Thom Mooney's Vocal Version)
15. It Must Be Everywhere (Single Long Version)

Nazz From Philadelphia +5
CD One:
1. Hello It's Me (Audition Take)
2. Crowded (Audition Take)
3. Lemming Song (Demo)
4. Kicks (Long Version)
5. Some People (Alternate Version)
6. Nazz Commercial (Radio Spot)
7. Open My Eyes (Alternate)
8. Forget All About It
9. Only One Winner
10. Magic Me
11. Gonna Cry Today
12. Meridian Leeward

Woody's Truck Stop
CD Two:
1. That's Right, You're Wrong 
2. Why Is It Me 
3. The Times Have Changed 
4. She Must Be Blind 
5. Rock Me Baby

Notes: This 2 CD set contains Nazz rarities as well as demos from Todd's first band, Woody's Truck Stop.
13th And Pine
1. Under The Ice
2. How Can You Call That Beautiful
3. Sydney's Lunchbox
4. Not Wrong Long
5. It's Not That Easy
6. Some People
7. Sing Me A Song
8. Hang On Paul
9. Featherbedding Lover
10. Only One Winner #1
11. Only One Winner #2
12. It Must Be Everywhere
13. Christopher Columbus
14. Old Time Lovemaking
15. Letters Don't Count
16. A Beautiful Song
$16 (CD)
Nazz III
1. Some People 
2. Only One Winner 
3. Kicks 
4. Resolution 
5. It's Not That Easy 
6. Old Time Lovemaking 
7. Magic Me 
8. Loosen Up 
9. Take The Hand 
10. How Can You Call That Beautiful? 
11. Plenty Of Lovin' 
12. Christopher Columbus 
13. You Are My Window 
$15 (used CD)
$40 (CD)
Nazz Nazz
1. Forget All About It
2. Not Wrong Long
3. Rain Rider
4. Gonna Cry Today 
5. Meridian Leeward 
6. Under The Ice 
7. Hang On Paul 
8. Kiddie Boy 
9. Featherbedding Lover 
10. Letters Don't Count 
11. A Beautiful Song 
$18 (CD)
1. Open My Eyes 
2. Back Of Your Mind 
3. See What You Can Be 
4. Hello It's Me 
5. Wildwood Blues 
6. If That's The Way You Feel 
7. When I Get My Plane 
8. Lemming Song
9. Crowded 
10. She's Goin' Down 
$18 (CD)