Utopia DVDs

Live In Boston - 1982
Infrared And Ultraviolet
Burn Three Times
Couldn’t I Just Tell You
Set Me Free
I’m Looking At You But I’m Talking To Myself
Princess Of The Universe
Swing To The Right
There Goes My Inspiration
Hammer In My Heart
Call It What You Will
You Make Me Crazy
Rock Love
Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Say Yeah
Back On The Street
Forgotten But Not Gone
Only Human
Road To Utopia
Love In Action
One World
Just One Victory

Many bonus features are added, including recent interviews with all four band members!
Notes: Culled from Rundgren¹s personal library of footage he amassed during his nearly 40 year career, the DVD includes not only a 90 minute concert which has been remixed in 5.1 surround sound, but also an additional 90 minutes of completely new interview footage with all four band members. Utopia: Live In Boston 1982 was taped during the band¹s concert to promote  their album, Utopia.  Songs from Utopia were rarely performed after that tour, making this concert footage highly coveted among Rundgren fans. Although "Hammer In My Heart" and "Princess Of The Universe" became staples of later tours, many of the other fine songs were performed infrequently, if at all, after 1982. Rarities include, ³Libertine," "I¹m Looking At You," "Say Yeah," and "Infrared & Ultraviolet."
$25 (DVD)
Live In Columbus, OH 1980
1. The Road to Utopia
2. Back on the Street
3. Caravan
4. The Very Last Time
5. Set Me Free
6. Love of the Common Man
7. Gangrene
8. The Last Ride
9. Trapped
10. Love In Action
11. Rock Love
12. The Sands of Arrakis
13. Love Alone
14. Don't Hold Me Back
15. You Make Me Crazy
16. Maybe Tonight
17. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
18. Medley - Hello It's Me
19. Medley - Can We Still Be Friends
20. Bag Lady
21. Cliché
22. Overure/Communion With The Sun
23. The Seven Rays
24. Singing and the Glass Guitar
25. Initiation
26. Utopia
27. Couldn't You Just Tell Me
28. Love Is The Answer
29. Just One Victory

Region 1


Notes: Recorded live in 1980, this live set from Todd Rundgren and Utopia is largely culled from the albums "Adventures in Utopia," "Oops! Wrong Planet," "Hermit of Mink Hollow," "Back to the Bars," "Something/Anything," "A Wizard, A True Star," and "RA." In total 29 songs are featured, displaying the band's awesome power. 
Redux '92

1. Behind The Scenes
2. Fix Your Gaze

3. Princess Of The Universe
4. Hammer In My Heart
5. Back On The Street

6. Hiroshima
7. Love In Action
8. Caravan

9. Last Of The New Wave Riders
10. One World
11. Love Is The Answer
12. Just One Victory

55 Minutes (Remastered In 5.1 Surround Sound)

$12 (Laserdisc)
A Retrospective 1977-1984
1. Ra
2. Magic Dragon Theater
3. Love Of The Common Man
4. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
5. Set Me Free
6. You Make Me Crazy
7. Rock Love
8. Trapped
9. Emergency Splashdown
10. I Just Want To Touch You
11. Love In Action
12. Just One Victory
13. Feet Don't Fail Me Now
14. Cry Baby
15. Utopia Theme

70 Minutes (Remastered In 5.1 Surround Sound)

$12 (Laserdisc)
Live At The Royal Oak
1. One World
2. Road To Utopia
3. Back On The Street
4. Caravan
5. Time Heals
6. The Wheel
7. The Very Last Time
8. Lysistrada
9. Love In Action
10. Couldn’t I Just Tell You
11. Love Is The Answer
12. Just One Victory

60 Minutes (Remastered In 5.1 Surround Sound)

$12 (Laserdisc)